GoldPoint views ESG practices as not only the right thing to do, but also good business strategy. GoldPoint became a signatory of the UN PRI in 2019 demonstrating our commitment to ESG practices.

Doing Our Part

GoldPoint has incorporated ESG values into our investment process over 30 years.

Investing Responsibly

We seek to influence our partners and portfolio companies to consider ESG values in their businesses.

A History of Doing Good

GoldPoint has achieved 100% firm-wide participation in an annual giving campaign since 2016. GoldPoint’s professionals have donated to over 60 different groups during the most recent annual giving campaign with charities spanning various social causes.


Team members support local and regional education charities which make learning possible for students of all ages.


Supporting various health charities spanning medical research, patient support, and treatment and prevention services are causes important to the GoldPoint team.


GoldPoint’s team members value environmental initiatives and donate time as well as funds to environmental charities.


Supporting arts & cultural non-profits are near and dear to GoldPoint’s team members who frequently experience New York City’s diverse arts and cultural offerings.

Our Investment Approach

GoldPoint Partners has achieved strong investment performance through our Core Partner Approach.

Let’s Work Together