About GoldPoint

GoldPoint Partners currently manages $15.6 billion of private equity assets comprised of limited partnership investments in private investment funds, equity co-investments, and private debt investments.

We manage these assets on behalf of a number of pension funds, financial institutions, endowments, high net worth investors around the world, and our ultimate parent company, New York Life Insurance Company.

30 Year Legacy

Since 1991 GoldPoint has been managing private equity investments and creating deep relationships across the industry.


$20.2 billion committed to over 450 private equity funds


$4.5 billion invested in more than 155 private debt transactions


$3.4 billion invested in more than 205 co-investment transactions


$28.2 billion total committed/invested

Proven Results

GoldPoint Partners has historically achieved strong investment performance through our Core Partner Strategy: identifying and investing in top performing sponsors and then becoming their trusted partner for equity co-investments and private debt investments.

Sound Strategy

We believe that GoldPoint Partners' Core Partner Strategy allows us to create a differentiated process to private equity investing. Our objective is to identify top performing sponsors with demonstrated expertise within a target area of investing and a definable value-added approach to their portfolio companies.

Our Team

A diverse team of skilled, seasoned investment professionals that see challenges as opportunities.

Our Values

Among GoldPoint’s many values we consider our fiduciary responsibilities, high ethical standards, and building lasting relationships our key values.

Let’s Work Together