At GoldPoint Partners, relationships come first. We earned our reputation as a reliable partner because we are collaborative, experienced, savvy, insightful, and forthright.

Working Together

Our culture is guided by our enduring principles: service, expertise and integrity. In addition to providing strategic capital, we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our Core Partners.

The Best of The Best

At GoldPoint Partners, we are firm believers in the adage “you’re only as good as the company you keep.” We are selective in choosing the right partners and extremely fortunate to work with exceptional investors to seek to create opportunities and long-term value.

Our Values

Fiduciary Responsibilities

As institutional investors, we have a responsibility to ensure that we allocate capital to responsible, trusted managers on behalf of our investors. We accept fiduciary responsibility and have served as an ERISA Fiduciary for the past decade. While our objective is to create the best possible returns for our investors, this is in partnership with private equity sponsors that seek to drive growth and improve the competitiveness of their underlying companies. This philosophy has long directed our research, due diligence, and investment process, ensuring that we seek the best results for our investors and their stakeholders and causes.

High Ethical Standards

GoldPoint Partners has long believed that the private equity industry has a responsibility to practice the highest ethical standards, to be exemplary in its approach and methods for value creation, and to adopt the best practices of corporate governance, transparency and reporting. We believe our Core Partners succeed by pursuing multiple paths to growth, seeking to transform companies by supplementing and upgrading management teams, investing in R&D, and providing strong governance and monitoring at the board level. As a registered investment adviser, we are subject to rigorous compliance policies and procedures. Similarly, as part of New York Life's family of investment boutiques, we embrace the strong culture of compliance, financial controls, and corporate governance of our parent firm. We continuously review our business results and strategic choices, and focus on financial and investment stewardship.

Relationship Focused

At GoldPoint Partners, we believe that winning is not everything. Winning is a byproduct of the right leadership, teamwork and relationships. When we rely on our culture of excellence and focus on people, we establish a foundation to create the kind of results every organization needs to be successful. By investing in caring, mutual relationships, we align our shared values and goals. In every relationship, we take the time to ask questions, listen, and develop a strategy that benefits both parties. GoldPoint Partners has achieved strong investment performance through our Core Partner Strategy: identifying and investing in top performing sponsors and then becoming their trusted partner for equity co-investments and private debt investments. Since our inception in 1999, we have worked with a significant number of private equity sponsors, many of whom have become our Core Partners. To us, leadership is not a starring role. True leadership describes the unified action of leaders working together to jointly achieve mutual goals. We believe that leaders devoted to building relationships based on trust, respect and caring, directly affect the quality of the outcome.

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