About GoldPoint

GoldPoint Partners currently manages $15.6 billion of private equity assets comprised of limited partnership investments in private investment funds, equity co-investments, and private debt investments.

We manage these assets on behalf of a number of pension funds, financial institutions, endowments, high net worth investors around the world, and our ultimate parent company, New York Life Insurance Company.

30 Year Legacy

Since 1991 GoldPoint has been managing private equity investments and creating deep relationships across the industry.


$20.2 billion committed to over 450 private equity funds


$4.5 billion invested in more than 155 private debt transactions


$3.4 billion invested in more than 205 co-investment transactions


$28.2 billion total committed/invested

Proven Results

GoldPoint Partners has historically achieved strong investment performance through our Core Partner Strategy: identifying and investing in top performing sponsors and then becoming their trusted partner for equity co-investments and private debt investments.

Sound Strategy

We believe that GoldPoint Partners' Core Partner Strategy allows us to create a differentiated process to private equity investing. Our objective is to identify top performing sponsors with demonstrated expertise within a target area of investing and a definable value-added approach to their portfolio companies.

Our Team

A diverse team of skilled, seasoned investment professionals that see challenges as opportunities.

Our Values

Among GoldPoint’s many values we consider our fiduciary responsibilities, high ethical standards, and building lasting relationships our key values.

At GoldPoint Partners, relationships come first. We burnished our reputation as a reliable partner because we are collaborative, experienced, savvy and insightful.

Working Together.
Succeeding Together.

Our culture is guided by our enduring principles: service, expertise and integrity. In addition to providing strategic capital, we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our investment partners.

The Best of The Best

At GoldPoint Partners, we are firm believers in the adage “you’re only as good as the company you keep.” We are selective in choosing the right partners and extremely fortunate to work with exceptional investors to create opportunities and long-term value.

Our Values

Wealth Preservation

GoldPoint Partners has long believed that the private equity industry has a responsibility to practice the highest ethical standards, to be exemplary in its approach and methods for value creation, and to adopt the best practices of corporate governance, transparency and reporting.

High Ethical Standards

We believe our Core Partners succeed by pursuing multiple paths to growth, seeking to transform companies by supplementing and upgrading management teams, investing in R&D, and providing strong governance and monitoring at the board level.

Relationship Focused

As a registered investment adviser, we are subject to rigorous compliance policies and procedures. Similarly, as part of New York Life's family of investment boutiques, we embrace the strong culture of compliance, financial controls, and corporate governance of our parent firm. We continuously review our business results and strategic choices, and focus on financial and investment stewardship.

Join Our Team

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Years of Investing

GoldPoint Partners has managed private equity investments for nearly 30 years.

Where It All Began

Our history goes back to 1991 when, as members of the investment division of New York Life Insurance Company, the senior investment principals began transforming New York Life’s private equity program from a collection of small investments across many private equity funds to a focused selection of key relationships with top performing financial sponsors. At that time, the investment team also began focusing on direct equity co-investments and mezzanine investments alongside these key sponsors.

The Next Step

In 1999, in conjunction with raising third party capital, the senior investment principals formed the predecessor firm to GoldPoint Partners, New York Life Capital Partners, as a separate subsidiary of New York Life focused on alternative investments. We have been an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2002 under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Since that time, we have raised third party capital through fourteen investment vehicles, including six Equity Co-investment Funds, four Mezzanine Funds, and four Fund-of-Funds.

$13B and Counting

In 2012, we renamed the firm GoldPoint Partners. The name GoldPoint is a direct reference to the golden pinnacle at the top of the New York Life building, symbolizing our heritage as part of the New York Life family of investment boutiques, while also providing a distinct identity that reflects our independent investment processes and operations. We continue to be an independent investment boutique under New York Life’s ownership, with the ongoing support of New York Life as one of our founding and largest investors. As of September 30, 2019, GoldPoint Partners has approximately $13.3 billion of assets under management across equity co-investments, mezzanine investments and limited partnership investments.

Doing Good for 30 Years

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Community Investments


Environmental Investments

Doing Our Part

GoldPoint has incorporated ESG values into our investment process over the last 30 years.

Investing Responsibly

Seek to influence our sponsors to consider ESG issues through our large commitments to sponsors’ funds, participation on sponsor LPAC and board observer seats on equity co-investment and mezzanine deals.

A History of Doing Good

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Our Investment Approach

GoldPoint Partners has achieved strong investment performance through our Core Partner Approach.

Let’s Work Together