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GoldPoint Partners Signs UN-Supported Principles for Responsible Investing

11 July 2019

NEW YORK, July 11, 2019– GoldPoint Partners today announced that it has signed the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investing (“PRI”). Earlier this year, GoldPoint Partners named Managing Principal Matthew Cashion as Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) and established an ESG working group which includes Mr. Cashion, General Counsel Lorne Smith and Chief Compliance Officer Kevin Medina.

The PRI is recognized as the leading global network for investors who have publicly committed to integrating ESG considerations into their investment practices and ownership policies.

“GoldPoint has long recognized the importance of ESG and principles surrounding responsible investing,” said Thomas Haubenstricker, Chief Executive Officer.

“We will continue to encourage and seek to influence our sponsors and portfolio companies to incorporate these critical factors into their business practices as ESG is not only the right thing to do, but also a strong and sustainable business strategy,” said Mr. Cashion.

Over the last year, GoldPoint has taken several steps to formally incorporate ESG principles into its investment process and continues to encourage transparent corporate disclosures and sustainable business practices through its seats on sponsor advisory committees and board observer seats at portfolio companies.

About GoldPoint Partners

GoldPoint Partners is a private equity affiliate of New York Life Investment Management LLC managing approximately $13.2 billion in private equity assets, comprised of equity co-investments, mezzanine investments, and limited partnership investments in alternative investment funds. GoldPoint manages these assets on behalf of pension funds, financial institutions and high-net-worth investors around the world, as well as for New York Life Insurance Company. For more information, please visit www.goldpointpartners.com.

About the PRI

The UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) is the world's leading initiative on responsible investment. The six Principles for Responsible Investment are a voluntary and aspirational set of investment principles for incorporating environmental, social and governance issues into investment practices. In implementing the principles, signatories contribute to developing a more sustainable global financial system. The principles have signatories including asset owners, investment managers and service providers from over 50 countries. Visit www.unpri.org.

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