About GoldPoint


GoldPoint Partners has long believed that the private equity industry has a responsibility to practice the highest ethical standards, to be exemplary in its approach and methods for value creation, and to adopt the best practices of corporate governance, transparency and reporting.

As institutional investors, we have a responsibility to ensure that we allocate capital to responsible, trusted managers on behalf of our investors.  We accept fiduciary responsibility and have served as an ERISA Fiduciary for almost ten years.  While our objective is to create the best possible returns for our investors, this is in partnership with private equity sponsors that seek to drive growth and improve the competitiveness of the underlying companies in which we invest.  This philosophy has long directed our research, due diligence, and investment process, ensuring that we seek the best results for our investors and their stakeholders and causes.

We believe our Core Partners succeed by pursuing multiple paths to growth, seeking to transform companies by supplementing and upgrading management teams, investing in R&D, and providing strong governance and monitoring at the board level.

As a registered investment adviser, we are subject to rigorous compliance policies and procedures.  Similarly, as part of New York Life's family of investment boutiques, we embrace the strong culture of compliance, financial controls, and corporate governance of our parent firm.  We continuously review our business results and strategic choices, and focus on financial and investment stewardship.